Degart Global

DEGART Global LLC Leads Agricultural and Industry Quality Consulting

“Simplifying the Process”

Agriculture has become more complex with recent customer demands for food safety, food security, and our nation’s desire to become more energy independent. In this new environment, it is critical for agricultural producers and processors to provide both high-value and high-quality products. Quality will be essential in efforts to gain access to new markets; Markets which often specifically demand that crops and products are developed under quality management systems that provide third-party verification.

That is where Degart comes in. Degart provides growers, producers, and processors with the following services and programs:

Available Services and Programs:

Regulatory & Quality Standards and Guidance

  • Standard and Guidance Manual writing
  • Guidance for crop production under a QM system
  • Guidance for processors and handlers under a QM system
  • Implementation of Quality Programs
  • Writing Quality Manuals

Best Management Practices

  • Value-enhanced crops
  • Milling - manufacturing practices
  • Livestock quality programs
  • Expert Speakers

Research & Development

  • Agriculture research programs
  • Market development opportunities

Auditing and Verification

  • Third-party verification
  • Baseline and Internal Auditing
  • Registrar selection
  • CIS Software distributor


  • Classroom training
  • Certification training programs
  • Internal Auditor training

Standard and Guidance writing:

Degart provides expertise in writing industry-specific Standards and/or Guidance Manuals. Guidance Manuals are written with agricultural terminology and include real-life examples to simplify and reduce both the time and cost of implementing a Standard. The Guidance Manuals paint a detailed, yet realistic picture of what to expect during a registration audit, how the process works, and what evidence auditors will be looking for to verify compliance with each element of the Standard.

For companies implementing a Quality Program for the first time, Degart has developed templates that simplify writing of Quality Manuals and development of effective Quality System Procedures. Degart consultants will also design and perform on-site training to ensure that the company’s employees obtain full understanding of the Standard as well as the steps necessary for an efficient, complete, and cost-effective implementation of the Quality Program.